Welcome to Thom’s Jerky… Not a commentary, Food!

Thom’s Jerky is a “mom-n-pop” jerky manufacturer/retailer. We manufacture and sell our own jerky products on premises, #20 Marchwood Rd, in the Marchwood Shopping Center.

We provide a fresh alternative to dried beef, pork, fruits and vegetables. Thom and Laurie D’Antonio are the Jerksters dedicated to giving you the very best in dehydrated products.

We have spent 20 year’s hand crafting our marinades. Each one a labor of love. We use fresh ingredients in our recipes. This may cause degrees of flavors between batches, variances in the heat, savory, and sweetness, depending on the peppers and onions selected for that particular brew.

Starting out, our products were shared with family and friends. They caught on with our nephews and nieces who shared with their high school friends, then their college friends as they grew up. Arizona State, Penn State, West Chester University and Cornell Universities were among the student bodies enjoying Thom’s Jerky in the early years.

On October 6, 2010, we incorporated under the name Ten Twenty-Two Foods, LLC, DBA: Thom’s Jerky.

Our go to flavors are comprised of Teriyaki, Maple BBQ, Hot Sauce and a new favorite of many of our customers, “Sunday Roast”, evoking memories of meals with the family. We use sea salt to taste, not as a preservative.
We also offer an expanding list of fresh fruits and vegetables, the favorites are currently; pineapples and apples & cinnamon. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

About Our Products and Purchasing Online

For our Beef Jerky, we use USDA select or higher beef; brisket and bottom round that is hand trimmed of fat, cut into strips, then marinated in our self-crafted marinades.  We remove the moisture as the beef cooks, providing our customers with a high quality product.

We us sea salt to taste. We do not add preservatives. Our products are lab tested for water activity to ensure shelf stability.  They do not need to be refrigerated. You are welcome to keep them in the fridge to aid in longevity, However, we recommend serving at room temperature.  Our recommended shelf life is two months.

We will ship out to you the freshest products.  We will make every effort to keep availability of stocked items up to date on our website,  shipping out as soon as possible.  We ship USPS, 1-3 day delivery across the United States. All Shipped products are in heat sealed, reseal able   Packaging.

Please contact us with any questions @ 610 -524-1630